a future like jesus (respect not included)
May 1st, 2009

a future like jesus (respect not included)

but the hand holes will end up very much the same? see, now it makes sense.

anyway, i know im not the first or last to go into that weird big place that men go to (hardware store?) and pretend they are gandolf while holding a giant long piece of wood. im sorry to break this to you, guys who build stuff, wizards are cooler than you. you may have majored in business, but you are not a wizard. even an economical wizard can not fight a dragon. he can barely chase it. and while hardware stores do serve great purposes in fighting zombies, wizards dont need saws. wizards use magic. and i pretended i was a wizard in a hardware store. then god told me not to be stupid.

everything is fake and we are all going to die alone.

ps, please enjoy a new lazy style i created that i stole from basquiat.

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