Nice moustache asshole.
September 24th, 2008

Nice moustache asshole.

excuse me (hah!) while this shit is all black and white while i either search for a new colorist or figure out how to do it myself. if this is actually not in black and white, what the hell am i talking about? i must have had too much xanax and then smelled my unwashed boxers. what an asshole.

anyway, yes that moustache is real and yes its horrible. i was shaving my beard off like i normally do once i get bored with it and when i saw this awful pederist (is that the right word?) stache, i had to keep it. it was a hit, making everyone around me uncomfortable. too creepy for porn, too creepy for porno cop. it will not last long, but in the time it spends in this world it will only be meaningful, bringing joy and awkwardness before it drops to the sink like the first snowfall of the year, then washed away like the first crap of the day; both to be replaced over and over.

yes, my mom really did think a mouse was an eel. No, claude did not really want mouse tea, tho it does sound yummy.

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